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The iOptron SmartStar telescopes and telescope mounts are the flagship offerings from iOptron. With iOptron's SmartStar, sky-gazing is no longer an activity reserved for serious astronomy hobbyists only. Easily accommodate your needs for astronomy, photography, and land uses such as bird watching. SmartStar GoTo and GPS telescopes are user-friendly, accurate, portable, and fun to operate. A SmartStar Telescope is equipped with an optics tube (OTA), a GOTONova hand controller/autotracking system, The Cube Mount, a GPS model (on select models), and a tripod. SmartStar Telescopes come in 4 eye-catching colors: Astro Blue, Terra Green, Cosmic Orange and Pulsar Purple.

In addition to the SmartStar telescopes, iOptron's top-of-the-line model is a Doublet Refractor called the Versa. It's the kind of telescope that gets everyone involved and will provide decades of use and entertainment. Included is a standard 2-inch field flattener for superb clarity across the entire view. Without it, images become difficult to distinguish near the edge of the field of view. The Versa is also easily compatible with your CCD or DSLR cameras for some of the best astrophotography you'll be able to shoot.

The bottom line is, if you are serious about astronomy and are looking to elevate your hobby to something more, an iOptron is a good place to start. We know telescopes aren't like tennis racquets - you aren't likely to own more than one good one. That said, an iOptron should always be a consideration when you're looking to invest in a telescope.

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