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Deep Impact

Deep Impact - Bullseye!
Deep impact blast expected to yield invaluable data

Comet Crash
Comet crash yields some answers, far more questions

Beyond the Fireworks
Analysis continues on the impact of Deep Impact

Comet 9P/Tempel 1
About comets, particularly Comet 9P/Tempel 1

Spacecraft on a Mission
An indepth look at the impactor of Deep Impact

Comet Watching Gear
Hints on capturing the impact of a controlled comet explosion

New Planet

New Planet - Xena is Out of This World
An introduction to the new planet 2003 UB313 or simply, Xena

New Planet - Great Debate!
Xena fuels debate over planetary status

New Planet - See It Yourself
Viewing requires a clear night and one BIG telescope

New Planet - What's in a Name?
KBO or Planet? 2003 UB313 awaits.

New Planet - Where is Xena?
With an elongated orbit, it depends on the millenium


Meade High Precision Pointing
An introduction to Meade's high precision pointing function

Meade Introduces UHTC Coatings
Backyard astronomers benefit from Meade's UHTC breakthrough technology


Celestron Telescopes
An overview of Celestron telescopes and optic products

Celestron SkyScout Review
The Celestron SkyScout eliminates astronomy guesswork

Celestron SkyScout FAQ
Answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about the Celestron SkyScout

Celestron SkyAlign
The SkyAlign function is a learning tool as well as an object locator

Celestron Telescopes Turns 50
Celestron, the telescope and optics giant, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010 and gives us a different reason to remember the '60s.

Learn About Telescopes

Telescopes 101
Basic information for the telescope owner

How To Select Your First Telescope
Hints on making your first telescope purchase a winner

Magnification and Using Eyepieces
A look at the intricacies of the telescope

Using a Barlow Lens
A cost effective way to increase the magnification of your telescope eyepieces

Image Orientation - Why Is Everything Upside Down?
Explains why the world can look upside down through a telescope's eyepiece

Telescope Mounts
Smooth telescope viewing depends on a good tripod or mount

Star Parties - A Gathering of Telescopes
Even star parties have its own rules of decorum

Polar Alignment
Tips on adjusting your telescope for polar alignment

Adjusting Your Eyes To The Dark
Night vision hints and tips

Eyepiece Formats
The right telescope eyepiece can make a world of difference

Computerized GOTO and GPS Telescopes
A GoTo telescope can bring the stars to you

Got a Nice View?
A spotting scope for land, the other for the sky

Observing Our Closest Star
Daylight telescope viewing requires strict safety precautions

How Filters Can Better Your View
A wise use of filters can enhance your telescope viewing

Using Binoculars for Astronomy
A pair of astronomy binoculars can open the night sky to you

What Can You See With a Telescope?
The heavens are endless and so are your observing options with a telescope

Astrophotography - Making the Connection
Some tips on astrophotography

Can you see objects left behind on the moon?
About moon shots and other objects in space

Fighting Dew
Ward off dew with some handy dew prevention accessories

Understanding Telescopes
Know your telescope

Telescope Glossary
A comprehensive glossary of common telescope terms and phrases

Using an Automatic GoTo Telescope
A comprehensive guide to choosing and using an automatic goto telescope.

Learn About Binoculars

Astronomy Binoculars
Astronomy binoculars as an alternative to night sky viewing

Bushnell Permafocus Binoculars - AutoFocus Free
Bushnell's Perma Focus binocular line assures you won't any of the action

Bushnell Trail Cameras
Keep an eye on the woods when you're away with a Bushnell digital trail camera



Best Price Guarantee Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee details

International Year of Astronomy 2009

2009: The International Year of Astronomy
International Year of Astronomy Celebrates the Infinite

About Telescope Brands

Shopping for a New Telescope: Meade vs. Celestron
A comparative look at both Celestron and Meade Telescopes

Telescopes in the News

Thirty Meter Telescope
30 meter telescope to be built atop dormant volcano

About Finder Scopes

Telescope Finder Scopes
What are finder scopes and how to use them

Celestial Events

Celestial Events of 2012
The heavens are forever changing. To help you keep track of 2012's Celestial events we've provided the following information to help you keep track.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2012
You won't be in the dark with this calendar rundown of 2012's solar and lunar eclipses.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2013
Like 2012, there are few Solar and Lunar Eclipses ahead this year.

Celestial Events of 2013
There's no shortage of things happening in the sky for 2013.

Space Missions

Space Missions 2012
Find what's planned for space in 2012 with the following Space Mission schedule.

About Space Junk

Space Debris: Top 5 Objects to Fall from the Sky
Did you ever wonder what happens to all those nuts, bolts and pieces of space junk? Here's a heads up on the top 5 pieces of space debris to find earth.

Space Waste: Debris from Above
While odds may be astronomical (no pun intended) you'll ever encounter a piece of space junk head on (sorry), there's still reason to be concerned about the junk that's filling our skies.

About Space Tourism

Space Travel as a Tourist Industry
"Where should we go on vacation?" may take on a whole new meaning in the next 10 years or so. A trip out of country may mean a launch into the wild blue yonder. And beyond.

Award Winning Telescopes

2012 Telescope Awards 2012 Telescopes Award Winners

2014 Telescope Awards 2014 Telescopes Award Winners


Comet ISON
Hear how Comet ISON has been dubbed the comet of the century thus far. We have provided a timeline of this spectacular comet. Check it out!

Award Winning Telescopes
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