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Celestron Telescope Eyepiece Series

Celestron Telescope Eyepieces By Series

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Celestron telescope eyepieces open your eyes to both the vastness of the universe and its finest details. These five Celestron eyepiece series will provide you with outstanding optical performance at a very reasonable price.

Celestron Axiom LX Eyepieces Series
Field of view? More like field of dreams when you're looking through these Celestron eyepieces. The pieces in the Celestron Axiom series provide a massive 82 degree FOV for high and low magnifications. What better way to view the biggest stars than on the telescopic equivalent of a big screen.

Celestron Omni Eyepieces Series
Most moderately priced Plossl eyepieces use cheap, anti-reflective coatings. But with the Celestron Omni series, you'll get a Plossl-style Celestron telescope eyepiece that instead went through a two-step anodizing process that prevents reflection from the top barrel. These are stellar performers for earth-bound budgets.

Celestron Specialty Eyepieces Series
The standout of this series is the Celestron Zoom. If you're a casual astronomer who wants one eyepiece that can do it all instead of switching eyepieces to match the viewing conditions, this Celestron eyepiece is a great buy. With a variable focal length between 8mm and 24mm, it's a universal eyepiece for your obsession with the universe.

Celestron Ultima LX Eyepieces Series
The telescope eyepieces in the Celestron Ultimate series come with great all-around features. They're parfocal, which means you can switch from one eyepiece to another in the series with minimal refocusing. A no-slip grip and shock-resistant rubber covering reduce the chances of falling or rolling damage when switching. With an FOV of 70 degrees and six focal length sizes ranging from 5mm to 32mm, this series would make a great telescope eyepiece set for the serious amateur astronomer.

Celestron X-Cel Eyepieces Series
A 25mm clear aperture and 20mm eye relief make this a perfectly comfortable eyepiece series for bespectacled astronomers. Add a 55-degree apparent field of view, multicoated lenses for superior light transmission, and extra-low dispersion glass to prevent chromatic aberration, and you also have the perfect Celestron eyepiece for lunar and planetary viewing.


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