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Meade LX90 GPS Telescopes

Meade LX90 GPS Telescopes

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When you step up to the Meade LX90 GPS telescope, you've made it.  It's the first telescope that could be your last telescope.


The LX90GPS can locate over 30,000 objects including itself.  Turn it on and the built-in Sony GPS receiver immediately determines your precise date, time, and location.  In just minutes, your telescope is ready to give you a tour of the most spectacular sights in the universe with GPS precision.  With all the features of legendary LX90 Advanced Coma-Free optics, plus the ability to listen to and track satelites, Meade's new LX90GPS has it all.


Meade AutoAlign makes alignment easy.  Aligns your telescope for you while you watch.  Allows you to fine tune alignment with two stars it finds automatically when you turn it on.

Top features of Meade LX90 GPS Telescopes

1. Backed by over 30 years of Meade excellence, the LX90 GPS telescope combines precision location abilities with state-of-the art Coma-Free optics. This scope can locate over 30,000 objects including itself. 

2. Each model of the series features a built-in Sony GPS receiver that immediately recognizes your precise date, time, and location, which gives you the capability to view the brightest, clearest stars for your area and time.

3. Complete with Advanced Coma-Free optics, these scopes eliminate optical aberrations (comas) that distort star readings into comet shapes. Meade brings you the most sophisticated optics system available, along with the ability to listen to and track satellites.

4. Meade LX90 GPS Telescopes feature the exclusive Meade AutoAlign, which makes alignment easier than ever. The scope simply aligns itself with your watch, automatically choosing two stars when you turn it on.

5. Many of these models include AutoStar, an invaluable database with information about thousands of celestial objects. This database can be updated using software and even guided tours on

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