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Zhumell Telescopes are just one branch of a product line that features a huge selection at a low price. The telescopes have earned rave reviews from customers, and are ideal gifts for astronomers young and old. Because this hobby can get expensive, regardless of the brand you choose, Zhumell Telescopes are specially designed to encourage piece-by-piece accessory accumulation. With other brands, you may be buying more at once than you would like to afford.

Among the most popular telescopes offered are their innovative take on the Dobsonian. These feature cooling fans to quickly create a thermal equilibrium for long viewings. Also included in the new design is a smooth bearing system that assists in tracking celestial bodies over longer periods of time. A dual speed Crayford focuser offers quicker adjusting after closing in on your object, and a laser collimator guarantees accurate optical alignment.

And there's even more, lest we forget about the Zhumell Commodore Brass Telescope. Positioned at the window of your brick house or on the deck of your catamaran, it's perfect for the sea, stars, and scenery. But don't let the good looks fool you - this telescope, and it's included mount, is a legitimate piece of optical equipment that offers excellent celestial views for the enthusiast and professional (while awaiting time at the observatory).

While the Dobsonian is a bit advanced for beginners, and the Commodore might be pricey for those just looking for a good telescope, Zhumell offers a range of great telescopes for under 200 dollars. This is pretty much unheard of among quality optics manufacturers. They offer some of the best introductory refractors and reflectors out there. Have fun browsing.

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